Junk to Joy Permaculture Workshop 3/30/14

Ocean Girl Project’s Kaily Wakefield teamed up with Drew Wilkinson to create an introduction to permaculture workshop called Junk to Joy. We explored our food, water, waste, and energy streams. We explained how we can adapt our lifestyle habits to create a great amount of positive change for the future . We will also delved into coastal edible plants, coastal remediation strategies, ways to protect our water supplies, and tips on how to grow your own food . We did a creative activity using macro plastics collected from the beach and created an art mosaic on a garden pot. Then planted some seeds in them. Cuttings were also given away.

Sharing Seeds





North Shore Edible Bike Path 2/16/14

Full moon Edible Bike Path Workday! We had about 15 community volunteers come out and help with the bike path. We unloaded mulch, removed weeds, chop and dropped pigeon pea and vetiver grass. Everyone took home some seeds and picked from our harvest of lemon grass, moringa, basil, and lilikoi. The bananas are on their way.



Bike Path 4


Permablitz Aina Haina

Permablitz hui Matt Lynch, Hunter Heaivilin, Paul Izak, and Drew Wilkinson led the charge of willing hands to transform Polly’s yard into an edible Aina Haina landscape.


A Cardboard weedmat is backfilled with a layer of compost + a layer of mulch, then planted with mutually beneficial plant species.

IMG_3207 - Copy

Sweet Potato cuttings are an easy way to create an edible ground cover.

IMG_3210 - Copy


Drew Wilkinson led the charge in creating a fruit tree guild. Fast growing & nitrogen fixing nurse crops (pigeon pea) protect & feed young fruit trees. Pollinator attractors (sweet basil) and a dynamic accumulator (comfrey) where planted to support the fruit trees’ growth & health.

Check out: www.permablitzhawaii.com to join Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution.