Maintenance Packages

After your edible landscape has been installed, you are on your way to filling your bodies with fresh, organic food. This is the start of an ongoing process and In order for your garden to thrive, additional care and maintenance is needed. If you are short on time and need extra help, our monthly service plan can give your garden the attention it needs to fuel your health and you the knowledge to keep it going.

 Our Basic Service plan starts at $160 and includes:

  • Two visits per month
  • Weeding
  • Seedling Care
  • Pruning
  • Diagnose problems, if any
  • Apply organic pest control, if needed
  • Apply organic fertilizer
  • Garden coaching

Additional Services Available:

Post-Harvest Replanting (Cost varies by garden size)

  • Prepare bed for new planting
  • Dig up past season’s plants
  • Add new amendments
  • Design garden layout
  • Install new plants

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